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Elonera Montessori school is a small independent school that caters for children K-12 and we are using the FIRST® programs to inspire a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths across the whole school.

Winners of the Southern Cross Regional!

In March 2019, after 3 days of epic robotics competition, FRC Team 7583, Elonera Embers,  has achieved an outstanding result in our first rookie year at the Southern Cross Regional by being part of the winning alliance and picking up our first blue banner!!

Competing in Sydney against 40 teams from 9 countries, we finished 22nd in the qualifying events and then were selected by alliance teams FRC Team 5985, Project Bucephalus, and  FRC Team 4613 Barker Redbacks for the finals. This alliance fought hard to overcome technical issues and tough opposition, emerging victorious against an alliance of teams from China and New Zealand.

As winners, the Elonera Embers represented Australia at the FIRST Championships in Houston, USA – an event attended by 400 FRC teams from all over the world. This is an amazing result for us and we would like to thanks all our supporters, sponsors, parents and mentors. We could not have achieved any of this without you.
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We are recruiting from our Elonera Montessori school community –  if you are interested in joining us as a student or mentor please get in touch.